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Women In Radio 5th Annual Conference: Cocktails Cupcakes & Conversations

WOMEN IN RADIO 5 th Annual Conference

Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day

Hashtag #WIRxVirtual 

Julia Melim attending for Rag House Media

Speed networking is the new trend in virtual events! This was such an inspiring

experience to meet so many amazing and talented women having a seat at the table –

literally and virtually! It’s so refreshing to see empowered women empowering women

and having a community of women helping one another get through these times, while

inspiring, and uplifting each other.

Guest Speakers/Hosts: Dana Cortez, Carla Marie, Jessica Rose, Nicky Sparrow,

Charese Fruge, Kashon Powell, Bethany Kent, Meaghan Taylor

Some unforgettable and inspiring quotes of the day:

“This is the future.”

“The one thing you can always count on is change, so you have to adapt.”

“We don’t always know what’s next, but there’s always something next.”

“Tie yourself to the money.”

“I’ve tied myself to the money, and I think that’s why I’ve never been let go.”

“Keep working, keep networking.”

– Dana Cortez, Morning Show Host, The Dana Cortez Show

“It ain’t bragging if it’s facts.”

“Everything is aligned with my brand.”

“If you’re on air, you are a brand.”

– Nicky Sparrow, Market President, iHeart Media

“The biggest thing you look for in a talent is personality.”

“Just know what you bring to the table, focus on what is now, and what is next will come.” – Kashon Powell

“It’s not personal, it doesn’t define you. Remember your history.”

“Know that you’re not defined by your job title.”

“Light it up, make that connection.”

– Charese Fruge

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