• Noor Harajli

Why Defending Jacob Has Made Me Not Want Kids

Recently, I was recommended the crime miniseries known as Defending Jacob. The show aired last April via Apple TV+, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Being a miniseries, it took no longer than a few days to watch, and with each episode, I was more immersed in the experience. The premise of the series, which is actually adapted from a book, involves Jacob Barber, the protagonist, being accused of murdering his classmate. I won’t spoil it, but the show really makes you juggle the thought of whether Jacob really does commit the crime.

While watching it, I began to think, “wow, I do NOT want kids.” Seeing everything the parents go through– the trauma, the stress, the depressive episodes– I began to realize how one never really knows the type of child they may breed. You may love your child, and raise them to be compassionate human beings, but you never know who they may turn out to be. That is one of the quirks about being a parent– the sheer unpredictability, risk, and responsibility is never guaranteed, and perhaps that is the true beauty of parenthood. You aren’t sure of what path your child’s life is going to take, which in a way, makes the journey somewhat of an exciting one. Most of the time, it is rare that you breed a murderer, so do not feel discouraged. I guess the writers of the show are just getting what they want out of me. Defending Jacob also brings up the interesting topic of nature vs. nurture, and whether one’s desire to murder is in fact inherent in their DNA or comes from the environment they surround themselves with. Overall, the fact that each episode would conclude with the hairs on my arm standing up with better posture than my own spine says a lot about this show. I recommend it to anyone who is into the crime genre.

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