• Andrea Gonzalez

Why Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled

While living in an era full of social media and living through the eyes of the internet, many new careers have arised with youtubers, social media stars, and social media influencers. This new era has led to rising fame to many individuals through the internet.

While the fame is nice and all, these “influencers” are upheld to live to perfection under the eyes of the internet and society. Many of these rising stars got fame at a very young age and are heavily judged and are expected to always influence all of their followers in a positive way. These influencers are expected to speak about political issues and societal issues, when they are honestly not as educated in many of these topics because they are young and many even dropped out of school to pursue a career in social media. The issue begins when the internet begins pressuring these young social media stars to begin speaking about issues that they are not educated on. Regardless of the educational background that these stars have, the internet always pushes these influencers to believe that only one way of thinking is right. In reality, influencers if anything should promote both sides and push people to educate themselves on a certain issue, whether that be political, societal or anything else.

While influencers are under the public eye to always comment on certain issues, it is clear that society has a standard of ultimate perfection that these influencers are under. Influencers are born perfect. Influencers do not ever mess up. Influencers are what we all desire to be. Since these expectations are unattainable, these social media stars are always being judged with every move that they do and the internet does an amazing job at always decrypting everything to make it seem like everything these social media stars are doing is wrong. The reality is that we are all human and we are all bound to make mistakes. The only difference from these influencers is that they have millions of people watching them at all times, while we only have a handful of people that watch us. For example, instead of millions of people telling me that it is wrong to be a certain way, my parents do that for me. These influencers are living in a cancel culture. The internet wants a social media star to be punished for life when they make one mistake. People make mistakes. It is normal. Let’s not be a part of the internet that always wants to shame people with huge followings when they make a mistake. Let’s cancel, cancel culture.

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