• Noor Harajli

What Daft Punk’s Breakup Tells Us About Longevity

With the upsetting news that one of the most well-regarded duos in the history of electronic music have broken up, we find ourselves looking back at the legacy that Daft Punk leaves behind.

The French duo influenced an entire generation of pop and electronic music, influencing artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Skrillex, LCD Soundsystem, and so much more. Daft Punk didn’t just put out music, but in 28 years, they have managed to build a reputation that will withstand the test of time; leaving them immortal. That is the good thing about your favorite bands and artists– they may break up, pass away, or fade out of the spotlight, however, their songs will still be discovered by a 15-year-old in 2045, who illegally downloads “Alive 2007” on their holographic iphone.

Although the news is saddening, it is also bittersweet and puts things into perspective when it comes to the music we surround ourselves with. As a music enthusiast, and someone who used to be in a band, I am definitely not privy to the realities of band breakups and putting the lid on your career. You often ask yourself whether you should continue to pull on the thread until it falls apart, or end it while it still has an ounce of integrity.

Bands like The Beatles, or The Police, are argued to have broken up at the height of their career. Director Quentin Tarantino claims to stop making films altogether after his 10th (meaning he has one more). Even though it results in depressed fans, I feel like it’s better for the art of the artist. We often get caught up in fan culture that we forget that the main reason any of these artists embark on these creative journeys, is primarily to put out a message. It varies from artist to artist, but predominantly, once they finish their journey, it seems somewhat redundant to continue.

Daft Punk have left an enormous legacy, and I would hate for them to become one of those bands who continue just for the sake of it. I see it happening to numerous bands, and their sound deteriorates immensely. This way, the integrity of the art is maintained, and the duo can embark on their own separate journeys that they may have in store for us.

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