• Noor Harajli

What About Aphrodisiacs?

Can certain foods really put you in the mood? I’m sure many people are over Valentines, or even tired of hearing about it. Though, I wanted to talk about one of my true loves, food. The term “aphrodisiac” is often used to describe foods that promote feelings of sexual desire. Chocolate, beans, strawberries, strawberries, almonds, oysters are all synonymous with this definition, despite the diverse textures and tastes of everyone. The science behind it is very unclear, and I wanted to look into how accurate the ‘aphrodisiac’ description really is.

Based on what I’ve read online, it seems that for the most part, these foods barely stimulate any sexual emotions. It depends a lot on the foods, and what the exact reaction is. Some are beneficial for reproductive hormone production, like beans and oysters, but that does not necessarily mean you should snack on oysters right before Valentine’s night. The term ‘aphrodisiac’ is generally a broad term and gives leeway for multiple different meanings. Personally, I believe whether or not you “feel” anything depends a lot on your current circumstances. If you are someone who is undergoing a lot of mental distress, chocolate bars alone will bring back that desire; if you are in a toxic relationship– call a cab, not chipotle. No beans are sufficient enough to mask the reality of your relationship. If you are having a special dinner with your loved one– anything is an aphrodisiac. My point here is that the little science behind aphrodisiacs may prompt you to at least try, and for good reason. Though, be sure to surround yourself with positive relationships, especially a healthy one with yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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