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Wanda Vision review

Marvel’s newest episode series, WandaVision which premiered exclusively on Disney Plus, January 15, 2021 and is not exactly what Marvel fans were expecting. The series, set sometime after Avengers Endgame took place, and explores the idea of Wanda Maximoff and Vision resuming regular life in a small town suburban town called Westview. The first two episodes dropped on January 15 with new episodes released every Friday leading up to the debut of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on March 19.

The first three episodes of WandaVision play out like an old style 50’s tv show as the first episode, resembles that the classic tv show Leave It To Beaver, specifically with the homage to tradition family values as Wanda portrays that of an average housewife and Vision being your typical 9 to 5 working husband. There is a bit of humor though as obviously the homage to the twin beds from the past, which Wanda uses her powers to turn the two into one full-size bed.

The second episode, things start out the same, as the writers uses the powers Wanda has to pay homage to yet another show from the 60’s, Bewitched. In this episode things start to heighten as Wanda begins to see a little bit of color, which resembles a bit of Pleasantville as the characters go from black and white to color by the end of the episode. It brings the question as to why the transformation happened and what is to come next as things intensify as Wanda starts to hear voices.

Finally, the third season, goes to the 70’s as the series pays homage to the classic show, The Brady Bunch as for the first time the show is now in color. In this episode Wanda experiences the very fast pregnancy and birth of twins as at the end of the second episode, it is revealed that she is suddenly pregnant. There is also a new character who shows up in the neighborhood, as Rambeau comes at what seems to be the right time to help Wanda delivery the twins, only to disappear suddenly after Wanda confronts her.

That is another thing that is relevant in the first few episodes, the idea of time jumping as at least once each episode, it seems that, through just a look from Wanda, time moves either backwards or forward, such as in the second episode when Wanda speeds up time to make Vision’s boss and wife leave from a dinner at their house, or in the second episode when she went back in time to change them going out and meeting the Agent of S.W.O.R.D in the streets when they discovered she was pregnant and the third episode with Wanda and Rambeau when she speed up time to forget about what happened after the birth of the twins between the two of them.

The Fourth episode answers a lot of questions that the first three episodes left for the audience as the Agents of S.W.O.R.D come in from the outside to try to figure out the “secrets” of the mysterious little town that no one can cross over into. It’s creative the way they do this because the only time we see Wanda and Vision is when the agents are replaying the three episodes which the managed to miraculously stumble onto. This episode also delves more into who Rambeau is as we see a girl who is confused about a missing period in her life, that of 2 years when she suddenly, reappears only to find her mother is gone. Now she is working with the agents to help uncover the secrets and ultimately make yet another important discovery which might inevitably answer the biggest question of all, Why/How is Vision still alive?”

The 35-minute episodes of WandaVision, stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision and the first four episodes are currently streaming on Disney plus with a new one being released every Friday up to March 19 when the Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to drop. Check out the episodes and make sure to stay up to date on What will happen next on WandaVision.

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