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Thunder Force review

Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCartney are teaming up in the next great superhero film that is taking Netflix by force. What started as an untraditional friendship gone wrong, now the duo is back to save the world.

In a nutshell, Thunder Force is centered around former high school friends, Lydia (McCartney) and Emily (Spencer) who reunite twenty years later and end up becoming real life superheroes through a special serum that Emily has spent years developing. Now with Lydia’s impeccable strength and Emily’s unthinkable invisibility, the two must harness their powers in order to stop The King (Bobby Cannavale) and The Crab (Jason Bateman) from destroying the world.

At an hour forty-six-minute run time, Thunder Force will have you laughing and most importantly routing for this uncanny friendship to have a happy ending. One word of caution as the original film which debuted on Netflix April 9, 2021 does contain the traditional raunchy humor that McCartney is known for, though it seems to be a little bit tamer than some of her previous films. That being said, Thunder Force is a fun spoof of the traditional superhero film and is a must see for any Spencer or McCartney fan. It’s not perfect, but it is fun and entertaining nonetheless to watch.

`The film is currently streaming via Netflix with an active subscription and is currently number one in the U.S as far as online streaming media.

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