• Andrea Gonzalez

The Truth about New Year's Resolutions

As the New Year has now begun, many people have started writing in their new planners and to-do lists about all the productive and amazing goals they are going to accomplish within this new year. A common conception that many people have is that the New Year always brings new productivity and a motivation to begin specific diets to lose weight. Many of us fall for this trap of false hopes and too many goals that one can handle. The truth is that we can start all of these goals throughout the Year; it does not need to be January 1st in order to set New Goals and start a new way of routine in one’s life.

It is amazing that the New Year comes with motivation to be better than the year before, but that should be the mindset all year long. According to healthline, it takes from 18 to 265 days for someone to build a habit or routine. On average that number comes down to around 70 days, if a person just sticks to the same good routine, habit, or diet it will become an automatic response, just like a muscle memory. If one's New Year's resolution is consistent until March 11, it is bound to become a routine and habit.

Whether you have a New Year’s Resolution or not, goals are good to have. Do not fall into the thought that it needs to be a New Year in order to make some changes in your life. How will you use your next 70 days to create a routine and better goals? How will you stay disciplined to create a good routine for oneself ?

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