• Noor Harajli

The Super Bowl from a Foreigner’s Perspective

As someone who comes from outside lands (i.e., a non-American), it is always fascinating, yet confusing, to watch people rave over the Super Bowl. Around this time every year, my Twitter and Instagram feeds change drastically, experiencing a surge of posts about game predictions, the half-time performances, and my personal favorite, the scrumptious pictures of food. You’re suddenly hit with people of all ages (not just middle-aged moms) posting their greasy, oily, home-made pulled pork cheese nachos– and I am here for every second of it. Though, I still have a lot of questions. What even is the Super Bowl? It’s almost become this cultural event that people partake in, but I’m not sure I fully comprehend it. Is it American football, rugby, soccer? Do people actually care about the game or is it merely a chance to pig out?

Thankfully, I come somewhat prepared. It is in fact American football.

I assume most of the readers here are American, or at least, possess a familiarity with such events. I, however, along with everyone from where I am, go about the first Sunday of every February like any other Sunday– family lunches, heated debates over politics, silent treatments in the car, etc. If I even mentioned the word “Super Bowl” to my mother, she would probably think I’m looking for a well-designed popcorn bowl hidden somewhere in the cupboard. For a lot of us non-Americans who move to the United States, we’re hit with this massive wave of culture shock that can be tricky to navigate. As much as people tend to downvote the USA, it definitely has its fair share of privileges and assets that make it the place to be in. Remember that this is the perspective of someone from a third world country– the bar is not set too high. Even though many are sick of hearing about the Super Bowl, living in this era of overshared social media posts definitely makes people feel like they are a part of the experience, no matter where they are.

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