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The Rip Curl Newcastle Cup Recap

When she reached the final, Tatyana Weston-Webb and 7-times World Champion Stephanie Gilmore were beaten off by Isabella Nichols. She was already on the highest end of her career and now, after falling off the largest air ever seen in the female's tour event. She was up against an eight-time Champion Carissa Moore, who was using the event to put her peers on alert, while still setting up an induction bump for goose surfing in the Semifinals. But in the end, it was Moore who led one of the most overwhelming successes that we saw in the recent heat of the Championship Tour. The yellow leader's Jersey has now finally been reclaimed. "I don't know if I wanted to be at this event but I just had the heat out of it and I feel so good to be number one at the end of the contest," Moore said after winning. "I don't know what I was expecting.

On the final round of a championship tour, the last time Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina played, a World Championship and a Pipe Masters trophy were presented. Ferreira won the victory on both counts, and today he got another one at Merewether beach, which was in great shape all over Medina. Italo connected a sequence of graving backhand turns and eagerly waited for a slightly breakthrough wave if it posed an inside bank chance. This was done and he added a 7.17 reversal air to guide him. He also had a 7.77 for a lead he had in the heat, his trademark pass, a large back full-sided rotation air. Medina locked three tighter, large rear-sided turns in 8.60 right after having ridden from the last strike, one of which was almost perpendicular. But it was not enough to step past Italo's energy. "He's a machine this man is pushing me a lot. We will have another three events in Australia, certainly, It will be a nice season," Ferreira said about the rivalry between the two Brazilians in his post-heat interview. The two Brazilians have also been put against each other in the Olympic Surf Team this final and although only one of them can win here today, it's archery for the other teams that go in Tokyo for gold.

Carissa Moore and Italo Ferreira are quick to victory. The two World Surfing Champions have won the first title in the Australian leg of the Newcastle WSL Championship. The result marks a fantastic beginning of the year for the pair with the first Olympic Surfing appearance in July to Tokyo 2020. This is the 24th win of Moore's Championship. In the entire competition and especially in the quarterfinals, the four-time American world champion was amazing with its reverse air, which is recognized as a game shift in the advancement of women's surfing. And only in the final did she dominate the rookie Isabella Nichols from Australia.

The Brazilian Italo Ferreira is now the number one men's world after two-time Brazilian Gabriel Medina has been defeated in the finals. At the Billabong Pipe Masters in December, Medina got better at the Ferreira but was able to finish this time. "It was so fun to compete here with all these men for a few weeks. It was such a pleasant occasion. Gabriel, I enjoy surfing heats. He's a machine and drives me too hard, so the race is still enjoyable," Ferreira said to the WSL.

This season the structure of the Championship Tour has been redeveloped to change world championships. The Lower Trestles in California in September will host a surf-off after the regular season-ending of August. The latest WSL Final is a one-day surf-off for the five men and five ladies who have the most points. The winner gets it all. "That's not the case, as long as I'm also on position for the Trestles Rip Curl WSL Finals, then I'm shot in that other Title." - Ferreira.

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