• Justin Tran

The One Might Not Be The One

The science around DNA could be a large part of the future. It could shape society in numerous ways, but if it could be used to figure out who your soulmate was, would you find out? The One tackles this and shows the darker effects of such a concept.

The One is a Netflix original science fiction series on March 12, 2021. The eight-episode series has a few related narratives, each intertwining in different ways. The overarching plot device in the series is a service called The One. The service uses DNA to find each person’s perfect match. Ironically, the matches that are supposed to bring bliss cause issues for the characters instead. The series follows how such a service can negatively affect lives, with a murder thrown in the mix.

A tale of lies and schemes, The One’s main plot makes viewers think not who, but rather why. The show’s first episode, and especially opening scenes, felt somewhat off, similar to how an episode of Black Mirror would feel. Each episode often left with some forms of cliffhangers, leaving intrigue to continue watching more episodes. The show differs from other similar narratives by allowing the audience to know the perpetrators of the murder from the beginning, thus shifting the focus on how and why the murder was committed rather than on who committed it. Although the structure does have quite a bit of intrigue, some plot points seem forced for story progression and are rather convenient at times, including the corruption of a member of law enforcement and the death of a character.

The largest issue with the show is its ending. It is highly inconclusive, as it does not resolve the overarching plot whatsoever. While it does leave the door open for season two, the inconclusive ending can leave viewers disgruntled and largely unsatisfied with the series overall.

The soulmate tropes and narratives employed in The One can be a solid foundation for a strong series; however, the main plot’s cat and mouse game comes up short at its final hurdle in wrapping up its storylines. Is The One worth the watch? It definitely has its points of high intrigue with some flaws; however, the lack of a true resolution can make viewers feeling discontent.

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