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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review

The latest Avengers spinoff takes place months after Endgame as we see how The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are adjusting in the new age after Captain America and Ironman passed away.

In the first episode, right away, Falcon, a.k.a, Sam Wilson, in a dedication at the White House to Captain America’s memory, Wilson immediately turns over the shield as he declares there is only one Captain America. All the while, Sam is determined to save his family’s business in order to help his struggling sister make ends meet by attempting to take out a loan.

Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier, a.k.a Bucky Barnes, is using other means to cope with his new lifestyle, which is getting drunk at the bar.

The end of the first episode sets up the underlying story that America needs a hero as the “new” Captain America is revealed in that of John Walker who to Sam’s surprise and dismay takes up the shield in the last few minutes of the episode.

The series reunites the same actors including Anthony Mackie as the Falcon and Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier and proves to open up to new heroes as Walking Dead’s Wyatt Russell joins the Avengers family as the “new” Captain America.

The second episode delves into the question everyone has: Who is the “new” Captain America and immediately we find out that John Walker is not trying to take over in place of Steve Rogers? He admits that he always admired him. Rather he is trying to carry on his legend by fighting for right and slowly Sam and Bucky are learning to trust him as a new villain emerges.

The series came out exclusively on Disney Plus March 19, 2021 with new episodes dropping every Friday. Stay tuned for more on the series coming soon.

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