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The Best Commercials From Superbowl LV

Every year on the first Sunday of February, millions of Americans tune into the Super Bowl. Although this year’s Super Bowl drew in the lowest viewer ratings since 2007, the program had 96.4 million viewers. While many sports fans watch to see which football team takes home the win and the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, numerous people watch solely for the halftime show and the commercials. The numbers that the program pulls make the commercial time slots pricy chances for companies to reach a wide audience. With over fifty unique advertisements airing over the broadcast, there are a few that stick out above the rest in no particular order.

Jessica Long’s Story (Toyota)

This year, Toyota decided to shine the spotlight off of their own product to tell a heartwarming tale. The commercial details the adoption of Jessica Long, an American Paralympic swimmer. Long has both of her legs amputated at a young age as a result of fibular hemimelia. The narrative told in the commercial details Long’s loving mother adopting her even with her disability. The commercial is shot beautifully with Long past scenes of her early childhood. The commercial doesn’t show a Toyota car or give any indication about the advertised company, but that can be seen as an artistic choice that allows for the beautiful story and cinematography to take the spotlight.

No Way Norway (General Motors)

Did you know Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the United States? General Motors makes this factoid the basis of its Super Bowl commercial. Will Ferrell takes the lead in the commercial and makes it clear that he does not approve of the statistic. Alongside Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina, Ferrell attempts to go to Norway to deal with the perceived issue. As a whole, the comedy in the advertisement was entertaining and the product was well-incorporated into the commercial without seeming excessive.

5 to 9 (Squarespace)

Dolly Parton is an iconic woman that has been in the public eye for over 60 years. Parton has produced numerous classic songs, such as her famous song “9 to 5”. Originally written in 1980 for a film, the song’s message highlights the problems of the traditional American 9-to-5 workday. Squarespace takes the song and flips the numbers to create a version of the song called “5 to 9”, calling people to start their passion projects. Although some viewers did take issue with the song taking away from the problems highlighted in the original “9 to 5”, Squarespace’s commercial rather showcases how individuals could launch ideas they believe in to find, as Dolly sings it, “a whole new way to make a livin’”.

All-Star Cast (Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer)

Serena Williams, Usher, and Megan Fox all in one commercial seems like a star-studded cast that is too good to true. In Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer’s Super Bowl advertisement, these stars supposedly appear throughout the commercial. However, it ends with Don Cheadle noting that things aren’t always what they seem when he confronts his look-alike, revealing that all the celebrities in the commercial were all fake look-alikes. The commercial’s simple concept has a surprised, unexpected ending that makes it memorable and stand out from the rest.

Opportunity Knocks (Fiverr)

When Four Seasons Total Landscaping was booked for a Trump campaign press conference, they probably didn’t envision ever being featured in a Super Bowl commercial. Fiverr’s Super Bowl advertisement pokes fun at the event and features Marie Siravo, the actual owner of the establishment. While the linkage to Fiverr itself is a bit lost, the timely reference makes for an interesting advertisement.

The Super Bowl takes almost all of the top 30 most-watched television broadcasts in the United States. The commercials that result from these broadcasts can often go viral, often making the commercials produced for the program peak quality. If done right like the ones mentioned above, commercials can stand out and make become the star of the show.

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