• Melissa Tan

Sticker Trading, A Pup’s Version of Penpals

In today’s society, social media and networking is everything. It’s how you meet friends and possible job prospects. For me, Instagram was where I found a whole group of dog parents and was introduced to the world of sticker trading.

What is sticker trading? Well it’s the new way to meet new dog friends and essentially a version of being pen pals, but with a lot of dogs (and I mean a lot of dogs). The hobby originally began when I took in my dog Milo after being rehomed many times and started an Instagram page for him to document his adventures with my boyfriend and I. We had a few friends who had dogs and eventually started a small following.

After posting a few photos with some corgi hashtags (Milo isn’t a corgi at all but he looks exactly like one), we managed to make some friends who were in the Bay Area as well as Orange County where Milo stays most of the time. Our friends in the Bay Area were visiting and as we decided to meet up at a small dog park, we were given stickers of their pups! After asking about the stickers, I found my new hobby and began looking for illustrators to design a sticker based on Milo.

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