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Sterling Chandler, a 17-Year-Old Photographer, Makes History with British GQ

Success can come at any age. Sterling Chandler proves that to the world by breaking ground as the youngest photographer to have work featured in British GQ. CelebMix reported that the 17-year-old’s photography has been published in the GQ Men of the Year Awards virtual ceremony and in the January/February 2021 issue of British GQ Magazine.

Chandler photographed Patrick Hutchinson as he was presented with the GQ Men of the Year Humanitarian Award. During this summer’s Black Lives Matter protest in London, Hutchinson was seen holding a man, who was in opposition of the protest, on his shoulder to keep him safe from any potential harm. That image made headlines across multiple news outlets around the world.

Chandler’s ambition was continuously supported by his parents and by a family friend who encouraged the teen to keep on pursuing his interest in photography.

“I started off experimenting taking photos with an old iPhone I was given, and my mum and dad encouraged me to pursue it after seeing some things I’d done, and it just grew from there,” Sterling told reporters. “Then a few years ago, family friend photographer Lawrence Watson saw some of my pictures and was very encouraging, and since then I continued exploring it, investing time and energy. I saved up and bought my first camera last year.”

Driven by passion, Chandler continued to improve his skills and that led the London native to remarkable opportunities. He has worked with musicians such as The Specials and Che Lingo. His work has been featured in The Independent and BBC News. Recently, Chandler collaborated with Dazed and Gucci, working as the assistant director and the behind-the-scenes photographer for a mini film series.

The work of this talented, young photographer will continuously lead him to more collaborations and experience. There will be more incredible work and projects for him to come this year, 2021.

See more of Chandler and his work here.

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