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SOUL review

Disney Pixar has certainly out done themselves with their latest release, Soul. The completely original storyline follows a middle school band teacher who longs for his chance playing music full time with some of the greats. On the eve of his death, he gets the opportunity to play with one of those great legends until he faces death which he fights off in a comedically timed sequence where he sees young souls and learns of mentorship when he is placed with a troubled young soul 22 who he must now help find their purpose.

At an hour and 40 minute runtime, Soul stars Jamie Foxx as that struggling musician/band teacher which is ultimately well cast seeing as how Foxx is known for yet another Jazz type role in the 2004 film Ray. One can definitely see similarities as he uses the same witty cunning nature that he picked up Ray and uses it to drive his passion for wanting to portray someone who has lost all hope and vision of what his true meaning of life is. Similarly, the chemistry between Foxx and Tina Fey who voices his newest mentor, soul 22 grows throughout the film and we see Fey in a whole new light, apart from her typical standup comedy bit. Though it’s just the voices, we can see a new emotion in her voice as she displays worry, doubt and fear which ultimately leads to her finally finding “purpose” for living outside the fictional universe of before life.

The film does set questions in play which could bring kids to ask deeper questions about before and after life, however if one is ready to answer them, then Soul is a fun movie for all ages. Disney’s Soul came out exclusively through Disney + and is currently streaming for audiences via an active subscription.

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