• Wendy Davila

Rag House Radio Weekly Interview! "Shedonist" New Song Alert!

Can we take a minute to talk about the goosebumps I got when I listened to “I Don’t Want You Anymore” by Shedonist for the very first time? The instrumentals introducing her melodic voice was everything I could have hoped for and more.

I’ve been happily in love for the past year and a half but “I Don’t Want You Anymore” reminds me of those times in which I needed someone to remind me that I am a powerful and importantly an independent woman.

Shedonist is a female fronted four-piece rock band and they are on a mission to “loiter and mind their own business”. They dropped the song and we are running with it because their powerful message that they convey is something that everyone needs to hear. The entire beginning has me swaying back and forth and once we reach the minute and 30 mark the quick rhythm begs for you to dance. The quick change of pace just reaffirms that “they don’t have time for your bullshit” nor do they need you.

Jasmin Toubi, is the lead singer of this incredible band and her voice is utterly alluring. It entices you to want to hear more and her vocal range allows you to flow through the music and take it all in.

I Don’t Want You Anymore” by Shedonist deserves to be on everyone’s playlist this summer. Because summer 2021 is all about letting the bad vibes go and inviting the news one because frankly, we don’t need them anymore.

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