• Julie Moree

Minions Holiday Special Review

The first ever Minions Holiday special premiered November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving on NBC and contains exclusive mini movies featuring the lovable minions in their latest adventures.

The first movie “Santa’s Little Helpers” brought the minions on a hilarious discovery Santa’s workshop where they attempt to become one of Santa’s elves and the second mini movie, “Training Wheels” featured the girls where the Minions help Agnus ride a bike with no training wheels.

There were also Holiday greetings from other Illumination characters including the cast of Sing as well as a Holiday promo for the next Minions Movie, “The Rise of Gru”.

The third mini movie called “Puppy” features the Minions in their latest fascination with wanting a puppy of their own as they find their own “unique” robot themed “puppy” in a comedic way.

The final mini movie, “Minion Scouts” which brings the Minions into a camp setting with every effort of earning a badge. The special concluded with pet Christmas photos by the cast of Secret Life of Pets as the credits rolled.

The Minions Holiday Special is currently airing exclusively on Hulu here.

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