• Julie Moree

Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The ducks are back, but this time they are out for all the glory without any fun. When the latest team cuts a member because they say he doesn’t have what it takes, his mother takes matters into her own hands and decides to form her own team. The problem is they need a place to skate. That’s where former Ducks coach Gordon Bombay comes in though, he seems hard to the idea of having a hockey team again.

The latest Disney plus remake has the same feel of the original 90’s film for a new generation as the original coach (Emilio Estevez) returns older and trying to leave hockey out of his picture, though one can definitely see he still holds a slight torch for the game as the determined mom, Alex (Lauren Graham) persuades him to let her son’s team practice.

Only time will tell as to when the former coach will return to his coaching glory in an effort to turn these misfits into true hockey champs.


he latest series is streaming on Disney plus as the first episode dropped Friday March 26 with new episodes debuting every Friday.

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