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Karate Kid Continues in Cobra Kai: Review

Currently streaming in 32 fast paced episodes on Netflix, Cobra Kai continues the original Karate Kid story for a new generation. Now in season three which launched on January first, the series stars the original cast including Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence in a new twist. This time, it is Johnny who sees the need for a “new” Cobra Kai as he witnesses Miguel (played by Xolo Maridueno) facing a new generation of bullies. Johnny begins Cobra Kai with his one student which quickly grows and prompts LaRusso to bring back his Karate inspired by Moyagi with his own “Mayagi-Do” with his first students, Robby (played by Tanner Buchanan), who is also Johnny’s estranged son and his daughter, Sam (played by Mary Mouser).

The series does a good job of staying true to the original as it includes flashbacks of the original three Karate Kid’s which would be iconic to those who remember and introduces the 80’s film to a new audience and allows them to see what makes great cinema using unique karate moves.

The third season, changes things in a way that one must see to believe as an old foe, Creese (John Kove) takes over the new Cobra Kai which prompts Johnny to start a new Karate-Do which ultimately aids the long-lasting tension between Johnny and Daniel in an effort to stop the old Cobra Kai from destroying the next All Valley Karate tournament. What will happen? One has to watch the episodes to full enjoy and understand everything Cobra Kai has to offer.

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