• Andrea Gonzalez

How to Manage Online School: Advice from college and high school students

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes in everyday life. The pandemic has shifted the way we do things, especially the way we are learning. The new online learning environment has been a main change that many Gen Z students have needed to adapt to.

The education system is now reliant on the internet and popular video conferencing applications, such as Zoom or Google Meet. These pillars of success have led to a safe and socially distant way of education. The National Board Certified, Fourth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Eladia Serna, at Bryson Avenue Elementary School, claims that, “Online schooling has helped the technology gap in many ways, especially since it has forced students and parents to become more tech savvy”. The new push of technology has allowed the education system to thrive in this new pandemic environment. Although many claim that online schooling is a horrible way to be educated, there are many positives that online schooling brings.

In order to be successful behind the computer, there needs to be a different approach in completing assignments, finishing homework and studying for important exams. Freshman at the University of California, Riverside, Mayra Martinez, claims that her successes in her first year of college under the online environment come from, “having a designated space to do classes and assignments, as well as having a planner to stay organized”. Beginning a four year university is already a hardship in itself, not knowing what is to come in terms of academic hardship. These recent 2020 freshmen have even more on their plate with adapting to college under the new socially distanced online learning. Although these difficult realities come with adaptation and new ways of learning, Mayra claims that online learning gives her, “more free time in terms of when I want to do my assignments and homework”. Without the need to be on a physical campus, online learning helps students to be flexible with their time and it helps students make their own schedules to their liking as well as still attending class at the necessary times. The online college classes are an adaptation, but there are many positives to online learning as a recent freshman undergraduate.

As well, high school students are aware that online learning is such a different experience, especially since high school is a prime time for experiences and personal growth. The high school junior at Elsinore High School, Daniela Alvarado, claims that online learning actually benefits,“the students who have social anxiety, as well as its flexibility to do work on your own time”. The socially distanced learning has helped students with anxiety, especially with the pressures that high school brings. High School students are usually stressed with the thought of perfection in order to get into a four-year university. The coronavirus pandemic has brought many new rules and regulations, including many top universities not requiring the ACT, and SAT scores in order for admission. Daniela claims that the online learning curriculum has, “relieved the pressure of taking the ACT and SAT exams since you need a certain score to get into college”. Overall, high school students have less stress because of online learning and the new realities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has only led to a shift towards a more tech savvy, more free time, and less stress with students from all education backgrounds. The online education system is thriving more than ever.

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