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How Different Companies are Showcasing Women

Although the International Women's Day and Women's History Month programs may begin to feel a little routine and effective year after year, the pandemic has shown how profoundly ingrained gender inequality and inequity remain—despite the progress we have made. Some brands are using this largely symbolic month to address the gaps that have been amplified over the past year.

This means identifying ways to increase the resources and influence of the most marginalized groups of women, rewriting women's stories to prioritize inclusiveness and evasive assumptions, and engaging in increasing diversity within their organizations and on their shelves. Let's take a closer look into projects and brands that are doing the utmost work to showcase why/how women have changed the world.

The chocolate brand we know and love chose to celebrate women within their own name. The company is producing Hershey bar candy bars highlighting the SHE in HerSHEy’s. Cool right?

The playful doll brand, Barbie chose to celebrate women's history month by bringing back a blast from the past. Barbie showcased Eleanor Rosevelt

Nine west, a repeatable show brand, chose to showcase national Women's month by launching their new 2021 spring campaign that honors bold and fearless women. The campaign will highlight beautiful women from various backgrounds starting March 10th.

Nike is hosting a premium women's event through their app starting March 9th to the 13th. During these dates customers will have special access to Nikes womens designed City Ready collection.

Old Navy is celebrating international women's month by partnering with NYC based artist Jade Purple Brown. The latest International Women's Day Tee 2021 is crafted to celebrate women's empowerment and ethnic diversity with a vividly colored theme of women. The tee is offered in children's and adult versions, with prices ranging around $6 to $15. Old Navy will also contribute $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to support youth arts projects in cities around the country in honor of the collection.

The popular brand Prettylittlething is showing great support for all women. The clothing brand will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their brand new two slogan tees to Girls Inc., that come with phrases like "Empowered" and "Girls Supporting Girls" written on them. The T-shirts vary in size from XS to XXXL and cost $20.

These are just some of the many brands that are spreading their love to all the women around the world through their companies. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing ways women are showcased throughout the international women's month of March.

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