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Flora & Ulysses Review

Flora is a young girl on the brink of losing hope when her parents, a romance novelist and a comic book creator, separate, but that all changes when she saves the life of a tiny squirrel and in it rediscovers the magic of imagination. Now it’s up to Flora and her new friend Ulysses to rediscover the superpowers that were there all along, but will it be enough to bring her family back together and keep Ulysses safe.

Based on the 2016 best seller, by young writer, Kate Dicamillo, Flora & Ulysses is a tell about having hope in the midst of a possible divorce, which is uplifting for any young child who might be facing their parent’s possible separation.

The Disney Channel original movie came out February 19, 2021 and stars Matilda Lawler in her first feature length film, alongside American Pie’s Alyson Hannigan and Sonic the Hedgehog’s Ben Schwartz playing her separated parents who through the help of a tiny squirrel find hope in the midst of a crazy, messed up world. Ultimately one can see why the director chose these three very unique actors as Lawler in her childlike emotions fully embraced the imagination even in the very beginning of the film when she tried to be a cynic. Her facial expressions to the unimaginable causes audiences to be fully engaged with her as she seeks to find Ulysses purpose in life. Similarly, the chemistry between both Lawler and her mom and dad, (Hannigan and Schwartz) is spot on from the beginning with the estranged marriage which evolved in new and intriguing ways.

It’s a film that will definitely have one rooting for hope, especially through the eyes of a child. Flora & Ulysses is currently streaming on Disney plus with an active subscription.

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