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Detroit Music for Your Evening Motorcycle Sound-SystemGuest Playlist: Cousin Mouth

1. Omar S & Ian Fink – “That’s Lil Boy”

This is the past and future of Detroit electronic music in one collaboration. Ian Fink is just as essential to the contemporary Detroit scene as Omar S was in shaping and cultivating it.

2. Alicia Meyers – “Right Here, Right Now”

Another legend and an essential presence in dance music, spiritual music, and music in general from Detroit. Ms. Meyers is a force of nature and spiritual guide to be danced to and appreciated for all time.

3. Moodymann – “Let Me Show You Love”

There’s no electronic music without Moodymann. He’s a one of one.

4. Stretch Money – “Take Money to Make Money”

This one’s a guaranteed summer BBQ slam dunk. If you don’t have a drink in your hand when this song starts, you will by the end.

5. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo – “Forever Flow”

Payroll is a veteran of Detroit rap and there’s not a single dud in his catalogue with Cardo. Their collaborations are the soundtrack to when you’re driving around and the sun comes out.

6. Sada Baby – “Guatemalan”

He may have become a tik-tok sensation recently, amongst other things, but if you want to feel like a tough guy, this is the track for you.

7. Salar Ansari ft. Lila – “Vasvaseh”

Iranian born producer, engineer, DJ, label manager, and close friend of mine, Salar Ansari has earned himself a spot as one of the essential forces in the contemporary music scene in Detroit.

8. Cousin Mouth – “New Memories”

This is the first single off my second album, “MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer”. Pretty much just a sassy breakup song mixed with a healthy dose of self reflection and very strong performances from everyone in the band, a few of which are included on this list.

9. Sara Marie Barron – “Up All Night”

Sara’s always been able to harness many forces at once in her projects. Her influences come from many places but magically everything she puts out ends up sounding uniquely like her and from her voice. Whole album is a powerhouse, not a dud in sight.

10. Tammy Lakkis – “Wen Rayeh”

It’s a beautiful thing to hear something that sounds so contemporary but also timeless. Geographically this music was made in Detroit, but feels like it could also be played at a dance party in space and everyone would be dancing to it just as hard as they are here on Earth.

11. Salakastar – “December 22 (for Jean-Michel)

This track, along with all of the musical, theatrical, and performative work Salakastar takes part in, is filled with intention. Strikingly beautiful and reflective music.

12. Anti-Philosophy – “Lament for George Floyd”

They may just be technically two musicians (Sasha Kashperko, Desean Jones) but this band is a super-group. There is no one quite like Sasha Kashperko musically to my knowledge, and when he played me the early demos of some of the tracks that appear on the EP this song comes from, I had never heard anything like it. Crazy part is, every time they put something out, I have the same reaction.

13. Boldy James & Sterling Toles – “Birth of Bold (The Christening)”

Talk about a super-group, sheesh! The legendary Detroit rap icon Boldy James combined with Detroit creative legend in his own right, Sterling Toles, to make one of the most unique, jarring, and striking albums I’ve ever heard. You’ll definitely want to be sitting down to listen for this one.

14. Theo Parrish & Maurissa Rose – “This is for You”

Once again, Detroit music innovator and staple Theo Parrish has proven how to make music that feels essential for life. This track is a tear-jerker in every way; beauty, intensity, sadness, strength, reflection, reconciliation.

15. Stevie Wonder – “Another Star”

I don’t think this song can or should be explained, especially not by me. If you don’t move to it the second it comes on, check your pulse.


16. Hanna - "July"

Although he’s not a native Detroiter, Hanna share’s a spiritual connection with the City, literally and musically. Never heard a Hanna song I didn’t want to dance to.

17. Supercoolwicked – “Flappy ((Spaced Out))”

The chopped and screwed version of this song from her debut EP “High Gloss” is pretty much what I want to be listening to all the time. Not to mention I said the exact same thing when I heard the EP in its original form. Mind-blowing stuff.

18. Andrés – “New For U (Live)”

Like Moodymann, most contemporary music, rap and electronic alike, would not sound the way it does without Dez Andres. The live version of his dance classic by the same title is a reminder of that. They don’t call them classics for no reason.

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