• Julie Moree

CLOUDS (on Disney+) review

The next tear jerking original film, Clouds is currently streaming on Disney Plus and will bring tears to all who watch.

The film stars Agent of Shield's Fin Argus who powerfully portrays the young musician who takes his terminal cancer sentence and turns it into a mode of singing/songwriting with the help of his best friend shy Sammy Brown (played by Sabrina Carpenter). It shows the power of music, and how it keeps dreams alive when everything else looks dull and gloomy. Between Argus and Carpenter, there is a special chemistry which drives the movie and makes people want to route for success even when the inevitable comes true. Additionally the film highlighted the music which made Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown famous via viral Youtube videos including his original song, Clouds, featured below.


Finally the writers in particular took special care by speaking with the family and those who knew Zach better. In that way the information they learned, further aided them in being able to fully tell Zach's story and the beginnings of the musical group, A Firm Handshake.

The original film came out exclusively on Disney Plus October 13, 2020 and is currently streaming on any device near you.

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