• Andrea Gonzalez

Advice: The Modern Day Philosophical Medicine

Life i

s complicated. Life is scary. Life is hard to manage. Although one might want all the answers to every question one might have in life. It is not possible. The closest concept that we have to explain how to manage and navigate our lives is to listen and take advice that is given to us throughout the course of our lives. Advice according to google is the, “guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action”. Yet, advice has a persona of a wise old owl.

Throughout childhood we all get advice from our parents or legal guardians. I come to share that advice with you and describe how advice differs due to the diverse backgrounds and experiences of each individual. I asked my parents for the hack into living a good life and their approach made me realize that advice is complicated, yet necessary for the ultimate understandment of life itself.

My father figure has a similar philological approach to the meaning of life as philosopher Jean-Paul Sarte, who claimed, “ Life has no meaning a priori… It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose”. My father claims that life is what you make it. My fathers advice for living a good life consists of not stressing, traveling, being kind, helping others, owning a dog, not believing everything you hear, going outdoors, enjoying nature and not gambling. His advice is biased, his personality, character, morals, beliefs and everything that makes him who he is makes his advice personal. His experiences and everything that he has ever gone through has shifted his point of view about life and how to live it right.

On the other hand, my mother believes the meaning of life is about being a role model and being truthful and still accomplishing all your dreams that you desire. Her advice on how to live a good life includes being yourself, not following society's stereotypes, getting an education, donating your time to help others, working on your mindset and to never do drugs. My mother is also biased, her personality, her character and everything that makes her who she is explains why she wants to live life following this advice.

People give different advice because everyone has their own stories, background, culture, personality, persona and so on. That is the beauty of advice, that is why it is so necessary. Since everyone is unique, advice is as well. We can all learn from each other and our experiences and take in all the advice in the world. Advice is biased and that is okay. We will never know the answers in the universe, but every one of us has experience and knowledge that we have learned and we can teach each other. I ask you to go out and ask someone for advice on how to live a fulfilling life because you never know what you might learn through another individual's experience.

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